Meet the Warriors – Ioan Hughes

Pre Warriors Rugby Experience – Some. 4 years ago when I moved to Dublin, I only really knew a couple of people….literally 3 or 4. Previous to moving to Dublin, I had played for a while with the Ulster titans in Northern Ireland and found it to be an amazing experience and wanted more.  I […]

Meet the Warriors – John Gavin

Meet the Warriors – John Gavin I am the guy who decided an hour before the Open day that I would go. Some fleeting thoughts which had caused me to second guess my attendance: What if I don’t know anyone? Is there going to be much fitness? How will I fare with the rugby rules? […]

Meet the Warriors – Lee Martin

I joined the Warriors  three years ago. I was never into football like my family but wanted to meet new people and try a team sport. I had only participated in non team sports previously. I was only out a year or so and had no LGBT friends. I had heard about the Warriors and […]

Meet the Warriors – Mark Mulligan

Meet the Warriors – Mark Mulligan I went along to the open day last year just before the season began. I had never played rugby before. The thing I gained the most from joining is being part of the team. We all encourage each other to train and work as hard as we can on […]

Meet the Warriors – Richie Fagan

Meet the Warriors – Richie Fagan I joined the club in 2012 after talking to a Warrior out one night. I was aware of the Warriors but I really wasn’t prepared for how important the club would be for me going forward. I had little rugby experience but from day one the team were extremely […]

Meet the Warriors – Sean Ryan

Meet the Warriors – Sean Ryan I went to my first Warriors’ open day with a friend in January 2016. I’d never played rugby before and didn’t know what to expect. I had never in my life been physically fit and really didn’t think I would be able to keep up but everyone on the […]

Meet the Warriors – Colin Graham

2 years ago a few of my mates were going along to an open day for the inclusive rugby team based nearby. I was vaguely aware of the Emerald Warriors, having known a few players in passing over the years, but not really knowing anything about the team apart from the fact that the majority […]

Meet The Warriors – Martin Flannery

Martin Flannery (27) I was welcomed to the Warriors in June of this year, and it was one of the best decisions I have made. Prior to joining I didn’t know what it meant to be part of a team. I’ve always shied away from team sport, telling myself that “it’s not for me”, and “I’m just […]

Meet The Warriors – Stephen Carroll

Stephen Carroll (27) When I moved into the city centre a few months ago, I promised myself that I would take up a hobby so that I wasn’t wasting the time I had previously spent commuting to and from work. I never really saw myself as strong enough or fit enough to play rugby, and the […]

Meet The Warriors – Simon Murphy

Simon Murphy (32) I was coerced in late 2010 to join a Warrior’s training session by a friend who was already on the team. I was 28, fit-ish but not exactly sporty, and when it came to rugby I was clueless. The first session I found fast going, quite confusing, but also a friendly and lively atmosphere. It […]